Woodstock themed backyard bash


Woodstock themed backyard bash! I am obsessed with theme parties, for my 31st birthday extravaganza I wanted a Woodstock party for all ages. The backdrop was the amazing garland wall, made of old sheets purchased at goodwill. the sheets were cut into strips and mixed matched to creative the hippie vibe. The large sitting pillows were also a Goodwill find, think outside the box and thrifty, no need to blow your wad on something that is going outside and being used one time.


Always stick to the theme of the party my #1 rule! Woodstock/ Free love era was all about relaxing. The fold up tables set on cinder blocks, are covered with burlap (buy at a fabric store by the yard, not in the craft section. You will save $$) Be sure to set a tarp underneath the blankets to provide a barrier. Decorations were so easy! wine bottles served as the main decor, soak the labels off and dry overnight. When sticking the candles in the top put the wick side down. burn the bottom of the candle down to the wick and enjoy.  The other Wine bottles can be used as flower vases


Photo props, back to my #1 rule stick to your theme.  I Hand made this VW bus photo prop out of cardboard, foam and duct tape.


Know your party, what was happening in this time period? do some research and know your history.  Its all about the details.  Parties are A LOT of hard work and man hours, however if you love to impress your guests take the time and your parties will always be a hit.  Protest signs were so easy and perfect photo props that went with the theme.


Volkswagen bus photo prop.