The Ugly Bouquet Game

I like to call this amazing game the ugly bouquet championship! People are always trying to think of a bridal shower games that don’t suck, well here it is! I thought of this little gem while planning my own bridal shower and couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome!!!

Instead of making a bow bouquet from the opened presents, and tossing them to the guests. Have people break up into teams and present the bride with ugly bouquets. I played this game at my bridal shower and people went nuts over it.

First Go through your junk drawer looking for weird and odd items that don’t make any sense. Then hit up the dollar store for more random items.

Be sure to get some Styrofoam cones that act as the base of the bouquet put one in each bag along with tape and superglue.

The items purchased at the dollar store were dinosaur toys, little army men, rubber snakes, plastic eyeballs, feathers, Pom-pom, and pipe cleaners also included was strips of fabric from old sheets and clothes. (Each bag had different items not everything was the same, it makes it more interesting!)

Give the teams 10 minutes to assemble their bouquets.

After the 10 minutes is up have each team pick a representative and present the bride with their team’s ugly bouquet. The bride will pick her favorite ugly bouquet and that team will be awarded a prize. (Be sure to have enough prizes for each person on the team)

I was AMAZED how intense this game got and how much fun people were having! I hope this game catches fire and becomes a trend! If so you heard it here first!