Personalized Date night jar

I first spotted this idea on Pinterest and over looked it, then Cody and I started to fall into a very comfortable space as most couples do. Watching food Network and sitting on the couch till bed.

We needed to get out of this habit, but how? We were always so indecisive on what to do for date night. Well, what better way than to leave it to chance? So I decided to whip up an adorable date night jar personalized for us! All we had to do was grab an envelope out of the jar and that’s the activity or the meal that we have to do that evening for our date. This eliminates the dreadful convo we all have

“what do you want to do?”

“I don’t care, you pick”

” I don’t care either” 🤷🏻‍♀️😂

Making this custom date night jar was inexpensive, easy, and it’s perfect for a Valentine’s Day gift for him that is ongoing.

I purchased all of the items for the date night jar at hobby lobby for an incredible price of $27!!!! (Whhhaaattt!?!? Yasss!!!)

I picked gold and black for our colors (if this is for your man, don’t get pink think unisex colors or man colors). I grabbed some 3-d type letters to had some depth to the jar, along with a skeleton key to tie around the top (key to my heart). Instead of just throwing folded papers up in there I wanted to get something more classy I went with really tiny cards and envelopes! Makes sure your envelopes fit inside the glass jar, oh and your hand too!

Now start adding the stickers, do your main words first. I did “date night” Then just add stickers till you are satisfied with the look of your date jar. I used almost all my stickers.

Once your done with the stickers tie your skeleton key to the the glass jar. Now that you have it all done, take 1/2 the cards and put your date ideas on them and place them inside the fancy new date night jar! After he receives his amazing gift he can fill out the other half of the cards with his ideas!!! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Hope you love my idea and use it!