Make your own wedding planning book

Getting married is not only very exciting it is extremely overwhelming when I delved into wedding planning I didn’t even know where to start, my girlfriend suggested I go buy a wedding planner book. So I headed to Barnes & Noble’s. I found lots and lots of wedding planning books, but nothing for international weddings with a separate reception in the states. None of the wedding planner books seem to fit my particular needs, also I noticed that the books were close to $50 which in most cases isn’t a big deal however I thought to myself wouldn’t it just be easier if you had a completely customize wedding book for you and you pick the categories to go in your binder instead of trying to follow these tabs that didn’t apply to your future wedding.

So I headed to Walmart and decided to just make my own wedding planning book. The reason I decided to go to Walmart was because everything is cheaper at Walmart. I knew I could probably spend half of what the regular wedding planning book cost me and have just as much stuff and it be completely personalized. When getting married you have to consider your budget especially when getting married overseas with an additional reception following here in the states so Cody and I have been tightening our belts and this is just the first step.

unfortunately the choices were very limited, it’s November the school supplies were picked over, but I made do with what I found I went with a 2 inch light blue binder

I also got sheet protectors.

Tabs, I went with that eight instead of five

three regular folders

a small one subject notebook and Post-it’s

now that I had all of my supplies I got to start personalizing my wedding planner book. I first started with a cover sheet because no one wants a blank binder. I just printed a clip art picture along with Cody and I’s names stuck it in the front of the binder. I think it turned out pretty cute and people know who’s binder it is so it does it’s job. I then printed out the labels for my folders. I kept one of them blank and the other two were for the wedding in Ireland and the reception in Arizona.

For the tab sections I chose to put the following

  • Guest list
  • Invitations
  • Music list
  • Photography
  • Hair and makeup
  • Dress
  • Tourist must knows
  • Misc

My binder is split up into wedding and reception sections. I went online and got a free printable wedding checklist and reception checklist, and placed them in the appropriate section of the binder.

realizing that I needed a place to hold pens, Post-it’s and possibly some tape, and really didn’t feel like going back to the store and spending money. I simply took a plastic bag punch two holes in it and it became a Storage pouch for free!

I added our reception contract and payment schedule to the back of my folder in a sheet protector and it is labeled so I know exactly what is inside to help me stay organized.

With all of my much needed categories and notes I can begin to bring my wedding and reception together. Having this binder personalized to my own needs has been making my life a lot easier opposed to trying to follow a scripted book.