Putting yourself out there 

This year I have decided to put myself out there. Meaning trying some new things, obviously this includes my blog, which has turned out to be more difficult than I ever imagined!

with the Loss of my best friend (Jessica Ann Smith Howe) to cancer this year I experienced not only a huge loss but also a huge eye-opener. Life is so short and no one knows when their last day will be. You hear people say that all the time but seeing “the end” really puts it all into perspective. Jesse passed away at the young age of 34 leaving behind a daughter and her husband she had so many amazing qualities, but one thing That always stood out to me was her ability to put herself out there and lead a life of new adventures. I really envied her and how she went out trying new things all the time. Never scared to just go for it!
One of her many goals was wanting to be a massage therapist she had told me this since the first day I met her, however battling cancer for many years made it difficult for her to go to school. Despite her illness she achieved her goal a year before she passed away. She really was inspiring and is a big part of the reason I started this blog. If she conquered all those hurdles during her life, why can’t I put my ideas online, what’s holding me back? The answer was myself. I/you are capable to do whatever we set your mind to.
If you never put yourself out there you will never have success or leave a lasting footprint in this world, how are people going to remember you? Whether or not my blog become something amazing or if it’s just for my close friends and family who follow me. I know that I’ve put my best foot forward and I’ve put myself out there.
Attempting to start a blog and run it myself has been one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done you don’t realize the time and effort people put into taking pictures and writing tutorials online I have definitely found a newfound appreciation for step-by-step instructions. Not to mention I’m not a good writer (this particular post has taken me well over a month and it still in my opinion isn’t well executed) I am not going to let my bad writing skills hold me back, I’m excited to put myself out there and see where it takes me.
I’m usually not one to throw out inspirational things, but I do encourage everyone to tackle a new project, to put themselves out there. You will not succeed unless you try, even if you do you fail at one thing try something else. You have one life to live, and if tomorrow isn’t in your cards are you satisfied with what you have done with your life so far? Take that leap and put yourself out there!

Love you Jess! Xoxo