Snowman presents

I wish I could take credit for this idea however my amazingly talented mother (Saint Cindy) brought this up to me last Christmas and we blew it out of the water!  we made 16 snowman presents one for each member of our family and they were awesome!

These adorable snowman add so much to the holiday Decor not only were they wrapped presents they added an amazing holiday Flare to our home.

You can make them in a variety of sizes and shapes, you could have as little as three boxes or as many as five or six! We wrap each personal snowman in wrapping paper which met the family member’s personality. Our family was over the moon with how creative and personalized their snowman were.

Use construction paper, bows and ribbons to create the eyes, mouth, scarfs and buttons. The cone nose was also construction paper. Cut a triangle and roll it together forming a cone. Tape together and tape to snowman. If you can’t get the cone to work, you can simply cut a small triangle out of orange paper and place it pointing to the side to also get the effect of a nose. use different color/pattern wrapping paper for the body and the hat to make sure you can distinguish the two. put it all together and boom! Snowman presents!!!