My tips for decorating on a budget 

I love decorating for the holidays, however I find find myself dishing out way too much moola for seasonal decor. I wanted to share my thrifty tips from around town I found! I currently reside in Gilbert Arizona, which is obviously a large city. For my small town folks, thank goodness for the internet! Joann’s has a killer website and all coupons are valid through it as well. Originally being from Wyoming I know the struggle of not having the best resources, I became very creative with with what we had around the house.  

My absolute favorite place to get unique holiday decorations is Joann’s I am signed up for all the discounts and take full advantage, they have 50% off sales and great coupons all the time, including 20% off total purchase about once a month. I have found that Joann’s prices are really competive to all other retails. Most of my fireplace decorating was purchased at Joann’s 

I left all my regular decor on the mantle and seating ledge (tray and gold obstruct ring) the tray containing candles and lantern I covered with colored cheese cloth. Tip! Don’t buy cheese cloth in the decorating section, find it in the kitchen section for 1/2 the price! If you want it in a different shade dye of yourself. The abstract gold ring was a tricky item, I didn’t want to buy something. It finally clicked, I removed the tea lights and added mini pumpkins, how original is that!? The black center pumpkin is the only artificial one, and the other were snagged at the local grocery for a dollar a piece. Not to mention these cuties can be used for thanksgiving decorating if they survive! 

The Halloween bouquet (eyeball flowers) was a diy project I have given step by step instructions in a previous blog, be sure to check that out.

The bat wall decals were purchased from Walmart. They were $3, the adhesive on the back isn’t the best, so I placed extra tape on the back. In hindsight I should have just cut them out myself with construction paper. I love making homemade items, but I have a job and a life just like you guys so sometimes I take the short cuts. 

Let’s talk about the orange glass pumpkin on the sitting ledge. This pumpkin was purchased at Home Goods for $16 for the size and quality I couldn’t pass it up! When buying holiday decor I go with traditional colors for all my holiday decorating, because I don’t have endless funds. Even though the gorgeous white pumpkin trend is tempting I stood my ground. When doing this I can incorporate some of my fall and thanksgiving decor during Halloween. This not only saves me $$ but storage space which makes cat dad (Cody) happy! 

This is just a quick glimpse into my Halloween decorating so far! I hope you enjoyed my fireplace and mantel display. Leave a comment and follow my blog.