Creepy Halloween Bouquet

Want to add something unique to your Halloween decor? This is just the thing, a Halloween  flower bouquet  and to add to the excitement, it’s cheap! IMG_0301

Use fake flowers (I went to the dollar store), craft paint, glitter, eyeballs and feathers

IMG_0302Add black to all your colors, you want your flowers dark and scary! IMG_0303

Now the fun starts, beware it could get messy. You can use spray paint instead of paint, it would be less of less, however you won’t get the glitter to stick very well. Once you paint the pedals, sprinkle some glitter on them and let dry. IMG_0304

Don’t be afraid to use a lot of paint! Get those pedals soaked. IMG_0306IMG_0307


Now that you have dry flowers, let’s add the finishing touch, eyeballs! Glue the eyeballs to the center of your flowers and watch them come to life!! I used both a hot glue gun and E6000 glue to get my eyeballs to stay.



Now you have some spooky flowers to add to your decor! Place them into vases and add some feathers to add to the creepy factor!